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Sustainable Agriculture 

The challenges in the raw material area are mainly related to regularly increasing demand for raw material of high quality for Branches of the Company. Production of raw material of good processing characteristics is a joint effort of the Raw Material Service and Farmers, who manage their farms aiming at obtaining results at the highest European level, both in cultivation of sugar beet, and for cereals, rape, maize, and for other crops.

The progress that have occurred in sugar beet cultivation during last 20 years is a result of continuous improvements implemented by Farmers in widely understood agrotechnique and methods of fertilisation and crop protection against agrophages, and of increasingly better varieties offered by breeding companies. It should be emphasised here that sugar beet is one of the agricultural crops used in crop rotation systems, and is closely related to other plants. Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. manufactures sugar from sugar beet, but from its experience it is aware that high yields can only be achieved by maintaining balance in agricultural production, which at a farm is an interlinked system. It is also well-known by the Farmers, who plan succession of plants, and use the effect that the sugar beet has on their site and on relations between individual species preceding or succeeding the beet. To achieve the best economic effects possible, which are an indicator for a well-prospering farm, a perspective and planned actions are necessary. A sustainable approach is a key to maintaining a balance between economic and environmental aspects; on a long term it is advantageous to all parties directly related to agricultural production.

The cooperation with the Farmers is based on a dialogue, partner relations, and on professionalism in operations. For 17 years Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. have been organising the “Day of the Fields”. This event is dedicated to sugar beet Farmers cooperating with KSC S.A., the Company employees, and persons associated with the sugar industry.

Sustainable Agriculture

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    Sustainable Agriculture