CSR (społeczna odpowiedzialność biznesu)

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To develop ethical awareness and sensitivity of the Company Employees, the “Ethics Code was implemented at Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. in 2011, as a tool supporting reliable operations of the Company in a competitive and changing environment. Jointly developed and held values translate into the Company reputation based on trust, and contribute to achievement of assumed long-term results. Ethical activities, supporting the enterprise culture, are the most important intangible assets, representing a pillar of responsibility towards the Company stakeholders.

This document covers areas such as KSC S.A. missions, relations between Employees, standards determining contacts with Customers and the market, ethical certificates for Employees, Farmers, and Customers, and standards determining environmentally friendly behaviours. Standards included in the Code support the culture based on relations and development, as well as shape a system of the Company standards and values influencing development of partner relations and supporting good functioning of the organisation at its all levels. Provisions of the Code also promote environmentally friendly behaviours.

Ethical awareness

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